Google Discovery Ads

Google Discovery ads help you reach up to 3 billion people across highly popular feeds on YouTube, Discover, and Gmail. — all through a single Google Ads campaign.

With this ad type, you can build visually-rich, high-quality creatives by using high quality images that inspire people to engage with your brand.

Start sharing your brand’s story with people across Google’s feeds when they’re open to discovering new products and services with Google Discovery ad campaigns.

You can reach up to 3 billion customers using one single campaign across these networks:

  • YouTube homepage and Watch next feeds
  • Google news feed or the Google Discover feed, which shows you updates on your interests, like your favorite sports team or news site, without searching for them. (swipe left on your android phone’s home page to access Google Discover)
  • Gmail promotions and social tabs

Examples of Google Discovery Ad

Scrolling through YouTube, have seen ads like this?

While reading the Google news on your handheld device, have you noticed ad types highlighted below?

  • Swipe left on the homepage of your android phone, and scroll through your news feed, to check.

How about your gmail? In your promotions folder, you should see ads like these.

Google discovery ads

Reach up to 3 billion customers across the YouTube Home and Watch Next feeds, Discover, and the Gmail Promotions and Social tabs using a single campaign.

Why Google Discovery Ads is beneficial to your business

  • Discovery ad lets you reach more people on Google with a single ad campaign
  • You can deliver personalized ads to potential customers as they browse for everything from the latest fashion trends to new cooking recipe videos on popular Google properties.
  • Google discovery ads is driven mostly by customer intent, hence, you can drive better and richer engagement for your brand/business.
  •  Discovery ads helps you spark customer interest and action with less effort and time. It is new and different from the regular display ads customers are used to, the ads are displayed seamlessly and ‘natively’ across device.

Create and Manage Google Discovery Campaigns

Google discovery ads has more expansive reach with the potential to reach up to 3 billion customers, with rich and relevant creatives, while driving action with the relevant audience.

Before you begin;

  • Prepare your campaign media assets, which should include;
  • Your message headline
  • Descriptions
  • High quality images with minimal texts. Images sizes (1200×628 and 1200×1200)
  • Company/brand logos
  • Make sure the Google Global site tagging otherwise known as the Google pixel is installed on your website.
  • Set up conversion tracking on your landing page to track when people take the action that is most important to you.

Set up your campaign

  • Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  • On the page menu on the left, click Campaigns.
  • Click the plus button  then select New campaign.
  • Choose a marketing objective of either ‘Sales’‘Leads’‘Website traffic’, or ‘No goal’.
  • Select the Discovery campaign type.
  • Click Continue.
  • Pick your geographic and language targeting for this campaign.
Google discovery ad
  • Choose your campaign focus: Conversion
  • Insert your preferred daily budget
Google Discovery Ads
  • Who are the people you want to reach with this campaign?
  • Define your audience by who they are, what their interests and habits are or what they are actively researching or planning.
Google Discovery Ads
  • Define your audience by their age, check or un-check age as it fits your audience.
  • Income targeting is only available in select countries.
Google Discovery Ads
  • Create your ad by choosing multi-image carousel ad or single image ad
Google Discovery Ads
Single Image Discovery Ad
  • Insert final url
  • choose your photos and brand logo
  • Insert your headline – Headlines can be up to 5, different headlines will be used with the ad rotations
  • Insert ad description (up to 5 descriptions can be used)
  • Business name
  • Select Call to action from list; Shop Now, Visit site, Learn more etc
Google Discovery Ads
Preview your Single Image Ad
Multi-image Carousel Ad
  • Insert final url, headline, description and business name as in Single Image Ad
  • Input up to 10 image cards for the carousel purpose
  • Create a separate headline and final url to each image card
Preview your multi-image carousel ad live

Comparing Results: Discovery Ads VS Regular Display Ads

These is what I learnt from personally running Google Display ads and Google Discovery ads for the same brand.

  • Discovery ads generated higher engagement (6,813 interactions) over regular Display ads which only recorded 431 clicks.
  • The Cost per click is significantly lower in Discovery ads ($0.02) than Display ads ($0.12)
  • The interaction rate for Discovery ads (8.40%) is significantly higher than regular Display ads (0.61%)
  • The Click Through ratio is higher in Google Discovery ads as well. What is the point of clicks that does not translate to site visit anyway.
Google Discovery Ads

Conclusively, Google discovery ads is one of the best ways to drive engagement and direct response for your brand/business with rich messaging across YouTube, Gmail and Discover feed.

I recommend it 100%.

I am always experimenting with and sharing information about paid advertising networks. Check out my previous post about LinkedIn message ads or Facebook Analytics.

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